Essence Hair Studio is now Dayna’s Beauty Spa!

Essence Hair Studio is now Dayna’s Beauty Spa!

Same great hair services and now so much more.

Well, it really happened – Essence Hair Studio is now Dayna Beauty Spa! Lorna handed the keys over to Dayna Phan on June 1 and after some very quick equipment alterations, the salon now offers manicures, pedicures and waxing services as well as the same wonderful hair care, as stylists Lorna, Amy and Bryan are staying on.

Lorna & Dayna

Lorna & Dayna

Dayna and her husband Peter have worked like mad to add manicure and pedicure stations plus a private room for waxing. As you can see from the photos (scroll down), the salon looks very familiar, just with bonuses!

The phone number stays the same too, so you don’t have to update your phone index!

Dayna Beauty Spa Products

The hair stations have gone back to where they were before the pandemic, with the added bonus of all these lovely nail colours!

Dayna Beauty Spa new pedicure chairs

Dayna Beauty Spa new pedicure chairs

The pedicure chairs are along the wall where the hair colours used to be. (Below) More gorgeous nail polish shades to choose from.

Dayna Beauty Spa gorgeous nail polish shades & products

Dayna Beauty Spa gorgeous nail polish shades & products

If Dayna looks familiar to you, it’s probably because she was working just down the street and was Lorna’s manicurist. The two got talking and after Dayna told Lorna of her dream of some day owning her own business, Lorna thought about moving back from being a business owner to simply working as a stylist. An agreement was reached!

Dayna moved to Canada from Vietnam back in April of 2007. She came all by herself and only knew one person in her new country, her auntie, but she was determined to make a better life for herself and her family back home.

While attending English as a Second Language class, she became friends with a nice guy who was a fellow emigre from Vietnam. After being buddies for a couple of years, their relationship evolved, and in between working three jobs, Dayna found the time to fall in love with Peter. Marriage followed and they have one son.

Family is hugely important to Dayna. For years she sent every spare dollar she had back to Vietnam to help her parents and siblings, and eventually she convinced them to join her for a better life here in Canada. When her parents moved from Vietnam, Dayna came up with the down payment so they could buy an apartment – before she owned a home of her own. Now her sister has joined her at Dayna Beauty Spa.

“I’ve been lucky,” Dayna says, adding “Well, I don’t mind working hard.”

She is certainly a hard worker, but more than that, Dayna has a smile that lights up a room; she is warm and friendly and quick with a hug. Lorna thinks Dayna has what it takes to keep the salon a nice place to spend time. And the skills of her and her nail techs are absolutely top notch – Dayna Beauty Spa offers a full range of artificial nail services plus several different manicure and pedicure packages, as well as French manicures and an amazing ombre option. And in addition to top skills, they have a fantastic range of polish colours (see photos above!).

Dayna Beauty Spa

To book

  • hair services with Lorna, Amy or Bryan
  • a manicure and/or pedicure
  • waxing services

you can use that familiar phone number, 604-525-4945.

What better way to use the time while waiting for hair colour to process than get your nails taken care of?

With much love and hugs,
Lorna Stewart.